Scandinavian Dream | Stop — Denmark

1 day in Copenhagen — 592.25 DKK (5940 rubles)

Bus (Flix Bus) Berlin — Copenhagen — 607 rubles

The journey to the Scandinavian dream began with a chic green night bus, which cost us 607 rubles.

Bus Berlin-Copenhagen — 607 rubles (Flix Bus)

Our deep sleep was interrupted at 6 am with shouts: Take your things and get off the bus faster! “

Quickly grabbing the bags, everyone ran somewhere. Only one thought appeared in my head: “Why are we being driven to the border like that, and why do we even need to go through passport control ?!”

Having risen to the waiting room, I did not immediately realize that we were sailing on the sea! I realized this only when I saw a map of the ship on the wall!

We met the dawn on the Scandinavian freighter Titanic! A storm of emotions washed over me, just as they washed over me when I saw the prices for breakfast!

Gourmet Danish breakfast on board,

in the form of a small croissant and wonderful instant coffee, cost me

44.75 DKK (448 rubles).

But this ship still had its advantages: a shower cubicle and clean shiny bathrooms that we could use. After putting myself in order, after spending the night by bus, I finally felt fresh and beautiful, ready to conquer the vastness of Copenhagen!

To be honest, the first impression of the city is about the same as when you see a picture on a computer with a picture of colorful houses, and you immediately want to get there! The architecture of the city is fascinating, and sometimes I even stopped to just admire the views!

In this wonderful city, we had a whole day and even a whole night, so we had to think about an overnight stay …

For the first time in my life, no one approved my application for Couchsurfing, so I had to look for housing for a fee.

And we found a chic hostel on the banks of the famous Nyhavn Street with colorful houses.

Yes, the hostel was in the center, but even this moment did not make me happy, because the beds and bathrooms were poor. Well, what can you do… It is Copenhagen)

One night in this hostel cost us 3220 rubles

Bedwood Hostel 321 DKK (3220 rubles)

The first thing we went to before darkness covered the city was to Christiania.

Christiania (Free City Christiania, Free City Christiania) is a partially self-governing, “state within a state”, located in the Christianshaun area of ​​Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

It will be difficult to describe the spirit and unusual beauty of this state, but it was clearly different from the spirit of Copenhagen itself.

On the streets, you can find dilapidated houses, almost like on Newhavn, only with the scent of marijuana.

However, I believe that you must go there! In addition to the first impression, to which you can close your eyes, after all, you are still in Denmark, there are shops with souvenirs, and some houses are open where you can go and see the works of artists, which is very interesting. And, of course, stock up on illegal products!

We decided to stay there for lunch, maybe we thought that the prices would be lower, but …

Shawarma in a plate 110 DKK (1103 rubles)

Another attraction that Copenhagen is famous for is the statue of the little mermaid, which we, of course, went to see. Getting to her was not a fleeting affair, since all tourists want to take a photo of her!

I had to wait …

Leaving the city and not buying a magnet is not about me!

Magnet 20.50 DKK (205 rubles)

As I wrote earlier, the city is very beautiful and clean, so it is not necessary to look for some statues and castles in it, just walking in it is a pleasure!

And the boost of energy by the end of the evening was given to us by Coffee, in the cozy Espresso House

Cappuccino 54 DKK (541 rubles)

Having walked around the city center enough, we decided to pamper ourselves with a trip to the grocery store and buy relaxing drinks in the form of beer and snacks.

A trip to the store 42 DKK (423 rubles)

Although the rooms in our hostel were not very clean, the living room was very cozy and friendly, in which we had a nice ending to our Danish day.

For unknown reasons, all photo and video materials from Copenhagen disappeared or were accidentally deleted from my phone, so I could not colorfully show all the places! But I will say with 100% certainty that this city must be visited! And it is advisable to go there with a not modest budget)

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