1 day in Copenhagen — 592.25 DKK (5940 rubles)

Bus (Flix Bus) Berlin — Copenhagen — 607 rubles

The journey to the Scandinavian dream began with a chic green night bus, which cost us 607 rubles.

Bus Berlin-Copenhagen — 607 rubles (Flix Bus)

Our deep sleep was interrupted at 6 am with shouts: Take your things and get off the bus faster! “

Quickly grabbing the bags, everyone ran somewhere. Only one thought appeared in my head: “Why are we being driven to the border like that, and why do we even need to go through passport control ?!”


Traveling around Europe is quite cheap, but finding an option on how to get there, let alone fly away, is not an easy task …

BUT, as they say, everything is possible, especially with airline Pobeda.

Scandinavia for me has always been a dream, a beautiful picture from the Internet because the pricing policy of these countries is known to everyone. But it became unbearable to wait for the moment when I became a millionaire!

Therefore, I found another way out, namely, to get to these countries by road, to more affordable cities.

The path began with a ticket to…

I have probably always had the habit of saving money.

Without noticing this, I put money somewhere, put it in my wallets, put it in a secret box, and got it out when the “No money day” came.

In this post, I will share with you how I save money, thanks to which I was able to survive in self-isolation.


My bank-pig with me since childhood.

I put all the coins in it, but only the big ones!

1 rub, 2 rub, 5 rub, 10 rub.

I put the yellow change in a separate box, hoping to turn it over…

Hello, my dear friend!

My Name is Alina ( or Klava )and I am 29.

I am a non-native English speaker so you might find mistakes here. I am sorry, I am still learning…

Ok… So what you could find here…

I have a website where I write a blog about everything, mostly about dance and travel. But I do this in Russian.


and I finally decided to start to write in English! Maybe it will be so simple text ^ but I promise you to improve my skill!!!

I will be better with you!

You can comment on my post and write to me about my mistakes or what do you think about the topic I wrote.

Thank you and welcome to my world!


Alina Starostina

Dancer, Choreographer, Traveller

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